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    Energy conservation and emission reduction is imperative for foundry industry, Environmental protection equipment still needs to be improved


    The foundry industry has bad labor conditions, and the harm to the environment is relatively large. In the production process, the foundry enterprises emit large amounts of waste water, waste gas, dust and noise. It has seriously affected the production and life of the residents around the enterprise. Waste water make the water deterioration of the surrounding business, seriously affects the growth of plants, waste gas enterprises surrounding residents air quality greatly reduced, the dust and the noise makes people almost unbearable, all of which have on people's life and health caused great threat.

    As foundry enterprise, whether big or small company, we should pay more attention to environmental protection, save energy and reduce pollution as much as possible, and lay a solid foundation for "green" casting in the 12th Five-Year Plan. The industrial developed countries for environmental protection investment casting enterprises accounted for the entire equipment investment casting enterprise 20%--30%, while China accounted for only 5%--8%;For the China's casting energy utilization rate and energy consumption emission there is a big gap with the developed countries and the average level of foreign economy. In today's society, vigorously promote low-carbon, green economy under the premise of the foundry industry, more need to increase energy conservation efforts. However, building a resource saving, energy saving and environmental protection foundry enterprises is an important and urgent problem in front of the whole industry. After more than ten years of scientific experiments of industry and related experts, China's foundry industry constantly absorbing foreign advanced technology, summed up their own level, has basically solved the product quality standards, the foundry industry of serious environmental pollution problems. This is mainly refinement of innovation on foundry equipment.

    According to the related media reports, established the energy conservation and emissions reduction in foundry industry in our country, the development way of lower energy consumption, environmental protection has become a top priority of foundry industry,  at the same time, the establishment of environmental protection consciousness, make the casting industry is stepping up efforts to reduce energy consumption, this gives the performance of environmental protection and energy saving equipment put forward higher request. Only  to produce the  high-tech environmental protection equipment to meet the current market demand. In addition, water pollution control, waste disposal equipment and other environmental protection areas for the development of environmental protection equipment provides a larger growth. However, in the premise of revitalizing the foundry industry, the demand for energy saving and environmental protection equipment is the key to the steady growth of environmental protection equipment. 

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    Energy conservation and e ...


    Energy conservation and emission reduction is imperative for foundry industry, Environmental protection equipment still needs to be  improved
    The foundry industry has bad labor conditions ...
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